AFCLC Outreach Team

The Language Enabled Airman Program is accepting active-duty applications now until June 16. Those intending to submit applications must apply online at LEAP is a career-spanning program aimed to sustain and improve Airmen’s language and cultural capabilities. Managed by the Air Force Culture and Language Center, the program seeks to develop cross-culturally competent leaders who can meet Air Force global mission requirements.

LEAP is designed for those active-duty Airmen who already have some existing language capability. Selection to LEAP does not require leaving one’s assigned Air Force specialty code job. Participants in LEAP are required to complete online training, eMentor courses, as well as to attend periodic Language Intensive Training Events. Successful completion of program requirements will result in the participant being eligible for the LEAP Special Experience Identifier (SEI), which could give them special consideration for Foreign Language Proficiency Pay and other language-related opportunities in the Air Force.

As of February 2018, there are currently 2,738 participants in the Language Enabled Airman Program.

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