njm_4164_edited_webHi everybody! I can’t tell you how excited I am to be back again with you in the Global Classroom as the new Director of the Air Force Culture and Language Center.

Everyone here at the Center, everyone who participates in LEAP, everyone who uses one of our Expeditionary Culture Field Guides, everyone who takes one of our distributed courses…get it. “It” is the fact that we live in a complex world with threats that are both familiar and evolving. In addition to geopolitical challenges, new challenges are emerging in space and in cyberspace.

The thing we understand in the AF Culture and Language Center is understanding culture and language holds the key to solving many challenges and also allows us to build lasting partnerships based upon mutual respect that will make our world a safer place. It’s especially important for the US Air Force, since airpower is not constrained by lines on a map, to embrace culture and language as essential parts of the Airman’s toolkit. An Airman’s global perspective is uniquely strategic and offers incredible capacity to further the interests of our nation and our international partners when armed with the tradecraft of culture and language.

Thanks to everyone who invests time and energy in culture and language education and training. It truly is the key to making every Airman a strategic thinker that can help us operate seamlessly with many air forces. I also welcome your feedback on all of our offerings so we can work together to constantly improve the quality of our education and training

Culture and language…essential and operational!